What is a trained companion dog

▶ A companion dog is a dog that we have put through one or more of our training programs

▶ These companion dogs range from dogs with minimal training, to advanced working dogs


What can they do

▶ It depends on the dog.


Where do these dogs coming from

▶ Dog rescues

▶ Rescued by us

▶ Abandoned by owners

▶ Imported from Europe

▶ Bred by us


What training is included

▶ All dogs are put through basic obedience training

▶ They may also have undergone more advanced training

▶ They may have had agility training

▶ They may have had personal protection training

▶ All dogs come with transition training, so you can learn how to work with your new pet


Are they pets or working dogs

▶ Most of the dogs are companion dogs (pets), and would make ideal family members

▶ Some are dogs that have been withdrawn from our working dog program

▶ A few may need some additional work, which is sometimes included

▶ And a few of them are specially trained for their new owners


I want a fully trained dog

▶ We can supply dogs trained for any purpose you desire

▶ Most people order dogs from us for companion purposes

▶ Others order custom dogs, imported from Europe, and trained for specialized work


Why buy a trained dog from Partners Dog Training

▶ We offer full service, from choosing a dog, to training, to follow-up

▶ Our school is a full time professional school dedicated to people like you

▶ We have been training and selling dogs for 30 years

▶ We are accessible and happy to work with you