where good dogs learn to be great

What is a Good Dog

Good dogs are dogs that understand what is expected of them, and have learned their place in your home. Their manners and social etiquette have been imprinted through a positive training process, and they have learned to be part of the family.

How does my dog become a Good Dog?

This is actually quite easy! Teach them! But before you can teach them, you must learn how. That's where we come in! Join our obedience classes, or if you prefer, train privately with a certified instructor. No time? No problem; send your dog to Resident camp for a week or two.

My Good Dog is just BORED

Well lets give them a task and keep them happy. You know what they say about idle time? We offer dog agility classes, advanced obedience, protection classes and sports training. And if we dont offer it, we can point you in the right direction!

Good Behavior from a Good Education

No dog is born with a "humanized" education. We need to educate them in our lifestyles and behaviors. An education can make the difference between keeping your dog, or giving them up! Let us help you give them a forever home!.


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