Send your dog to school with us

We do the work for you at our luxury indoor facility; then teach you how to follow-up. Dogs enjoy daily training and play sessions.

There are three options: Training Camp; Behavior Camp & Aggression Camp

Option 1: Training Camp

Training Camp teaches GOOD dogs to be BETTER! It fixes most basic dog training issues, puppy manners and dog social skills. It includes FREE follow-up group dog training classes, dog training tips and dog obedience information.

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Option 2: Behavior Camp

Behavior Camp is an intense positive motivational behavior training program for dogs with challenges. It addresses chewing, digging, separation anxiety, territorial behavior with a focus on structure, patterning & socialization.

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Option 3: Aggression Camp

Aggression Camp is a behavior rehabilitation program for dogs that have bitten, attacked or displayed aggression. We have been very successful at helping dogs with aggression issues, and only our top staff work with your dog.

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