1. When applying for a job, think about the position you are applying for.

Consider your motivation:

☐ How much do you want this job?

☐ Is it really something you want to do for a number of years?

☐ Is it a dream passion for you?

☐ If this is just something to fill the time, or until you find another job?


2. Submitting your application:


☐ Make sure you Email, Fax or Deliver to Partners

☐ Does your resume and cover letter actually reflect the career you are looking at?

☐ Do your responses to the questionnaire show a passion and sincerity for the tasks at hand?

☐ Make sure you send a complete application:

Employee Application (Click here)

Your Resume

Your Cover letter

Any supporting certifications, diplomas or licenses


3. Selection process

☐ Look at your application from OUR point of view

☐ Remember, your response to the questionnaire is our only way of getting to know you, and making our first selections.

☐ From dozens of applications, we will select a few, contact them per phone, and make a further selection.

☐ We are very active on Social Media (LIKE us on Facebook)

☐ If you are not a part of Social Media, you are probably not a good fit for us.

☐ We will invite a few people to come in for an interview.

☐ From those, we will select a few to come in and shadow our training operations.

☐ Depending on the position, we may give these the opportunity to work with dogs or teach a mock class.

☐ Finally, we will make an offer to the very privileged few to join our team.


4. What do we look for when making selections

☐ We do not expect glossy, expensive or professionally produced resumes. This is not the corporate world.

☐ We DO expect honesty in your answers and approach.

☐ We are looking for people with an intensity to help others; a professional responsible and caring approach

☐ We look for outgoing,confident yet respectful personalities.

☐ We look for people with a professional clean appearance

☐ Think of how a client whose dog you are training, would look at you


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