What is a POOL CARD

A Pool Card is a safety requirement

Basically your dog must proficiency in the water, an ability to swim and jump off the dock.

Pool Cards allow teams to practice on our dock.

You MUST have a POOL CARD to make reservations, practice your dog unsupervised, or participate in Level 3 and above classes..


How do I get Pool Card

You must be a Members to be issued with a Pool Card.

However, Members must STILL pass the Safety Test to be issued with a Pool Card.

If you are attending Level 1 or Level 2 Swim Class, your instructor can issue a Pool Card.

If you are doing Private Lessons, your trainer can issue the card.

If you are joining us with an experienced Dock dog, you can ask a staff member to observe your dog and issue the card.
(Please note this is subject to staff availability)
If you just want to practice, but don't want to join a class, you can schedule a private Lesson with us.




1. Show your dog can walk on a four foot leash, with a flat collar.

2. Show your dog can climb stairs to the dock

3. Attach a long "safety line" and show your dog is able to jump unassisted into the pool.

(You may NOT push, pull, shove, kick or throw your dog into the pool)

4. Show your dog is able to swim without sinking for at least 10 seconds.

5. Call your dog, and have them exit the pool via the underwater ramp.

6. You may use a friend or family member to call the dog.


Aggressive or Dominant Dogs

If your dog shows aggression towards staff, other dogs or people, you MAY not participate in group training sessions.

You may under certain circumstances participate in Private Practice (on your own) or Private Lessons (with a trainer).

Our goal is to help you and your dog, and we will do everything we can to accommodate that.

If your dog displays aggressive behavior during group sessions, your Pool Card may be rescinded.


Having said that, Partners staff have the FINAL decision in whether a dog may receive a Pool Card.