What is socialization

▶ Socialization is the social interaction between members of a pack (family)

▶ It can apply to people as well as dogs, and even other species.

▶ We generally refer to socialization as teaching our dogs the ability to get along with others


Why is socialization important

▶ Socialization teaches animals how to behave in a pack hierarchy.

▶ It teaches dogs the pack order, and also how to behave towards others.


How do you socialize your dog

▶ At Partners Dog Training we take training in social skills very seriously


The importance of dog training

▶ Training your dog establishes a foundation of respect, which in turn teaches them to understand

▶ This understanding is then applied to manners, which establishes social skills.

▶ Without training, you would be trying to teach someone while speaking a different language.


Understanding the signs

▶ We suggest taking a class in learning the signals animals use to communicate

▶ This will allow you to read the cues they use when socializing with members of their pack.