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Problem Behavior in Dogs

Dog problems and how to work with them


Snakeproofing your dog

Snake proofing; how it works and how to enroll your dog


▶ Dog Agility

Group Agility Classes for you and your dog


Swimming Training

Swim training for you and your dog


Trained Dogs

Looking to purchase a trained dog? We can help you!

▶ ▶ Rescue Dogs available

Looking to rescue a dog and get it trained for you? We can help!

▶ ▶ Puppies available

Looking for a puppy? We can help you!

▶ ▶ Companion Dogs available

▶ ▶ Service Dogs available

▶ ▶ Protection Dogs available

▶ ▶ Law Enforcement Dogs available

▶ ▶ Military Working Dogs available




▶ Group

▶ ▶ Group Obedience Classes

Join a group obedience class with your dog, and fix those troubling issues.

▶ ▶ Group Agility Classes

Want to join dog jumping and agility with your dog?

▶ ▶ Group Protection Classes

Bring your pet dog to one of our personal protection sessions

▶ ▶ Group Swimming Classes

Teach your dog to swim in one of our group classes


▶ Camp

▶ ▶ Resident Training Camp

Check your dog into bootcamp for dogs

▶ ▶ Resident Behavior Camp

Having some behavior issues. Try our Behavior boot camp

▶ ▶ Resident Aggression Camp

Having some aggression or dominance issues? Try our motivational Aggression boot camp.



▶ Private

▶ ▶ Private In-Home Lessons

We can come train at your home. At your convenience!

▶ ▶ Private At-School Lessons

Private one-on-one sessions for you, at our school



▶ ▶ As Seen on TV

Partners Dog Training videos on TV

▶ ▶ Training videos

Training Videos and Tips

▶ ▶ Client videos

Videos on client dogs and training



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