What is Separation Anxiety in dogs

▶ Separation anxiety is the feeling of anxiousness a dog feels when left alone.

▶ It could also be a sense of abandonment, fear of being alone, or missing a loved one.


Which dogs display Separation Anxiety issues

▶ At Partners Dog Training School we work with dogs every day that display separation issues

▶ These dogs often come from poor breeding, or from rescues, and can be any breed of dog.

▶ Certain breeds of dogs are more likely to display anxiety, such as toy breeds.


What causes Separation Anxiety

▶ There are numerous issues that cause this:

▶ The causes can be genetic or it can be learned

▶ The most common cause is genetics

▶ Poor breeding or selective genetic breeding often is the major issue

▶ It could also be caused by being abandoned by a family

▶ When puppies are removed too soon from the litter, it can cause separation issues

▶ When dogs are abused

▶ When dogs are not correctly socialized


Treatment of Separation Anxiety

▶ There are a number of treatment options, from drugs to behavior conditioning.

▶ Unfortunately due to the complex nature of this issue, it is difficult to simply suggest a few things.


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