Choosing a dog trainer?

Choosing your trainer is important to the success of your training. Please take your time and do your homework. We welcome people who make the effort to check us out; as this shows we have a client that cares about their dog, leading to a successful partnership. Ask questions; observe the trainer; talk to other clients!


Your trainer should be experienced in dealing with YOUR issues. Consulting with a trainer who trains show dogs may not solve behavior issues. They should be able to document their experience and you should be able to check it out.


Does your trainer have a professional training facility. While some trainers operate out of their vehicles or homes, they may not be able to address your needs without the resources a facility provides. Our facility is located on ten acres, with a custom built 7,000 sq. ft. indoor air conditioned training floor. We have custom crate areas, service dog training areas, detection training walls, surface testing areas, and more. All these facilities are here to provide you with the best possible chance of success!


Does your trainer allow you to observe them train? You need to watch their classes and how they treat clients and dogs. Can you visit their kennel and take a tour? We welcome tours during office hours, and you can watch any of the classes we offer. (Please note military and law enforcement training is closed to the public due to federal regulations)


Does your personality match that of the trainer. While you may not become best friends, you want to at least be compatible in your likes and dislikes. We have a large staff of trainers, and are happy to match you up with an instructor that suits your needs.


As silly as this sounds, does the trainer actually LISTEN to what your problems or needs are? You may not be interested in obedience training, you just want to stop your dog from .... (By the way, obedience teaches structure, which allows you to solve problems.)

Training Approach

This is probably the most controversial of all questions. There are multiple approaches to dog training; in fact a common joke is that if there are ten different trainers in the room, they will have ten different approaches. The correct answer to this question is: "It depends on the situation". Obviously we do NOT approve of the old school "force" approach, nowadays referred to as "compulsion". Partners Dog Training subscribes to a combination of approaches. We believe in structure, practice and motivation. We start with a food-reward based system to establish patterning, then move to a verbal reward with gentle consequence if the dog is resistant. We also adjust our approach based on the clients needs and wishes. Our goal is a satisfied client and a good dog!


Does the trainer perform an evaluation on your dog, your needs and your background PRIOR to commencing training. We believe strongly that an educated and well informed instructor can perform a better job with your dog. Also, knowing what is needed will determine the correct training approach.


Many of our staff are former clients and students. This is a great feature of our school, as they know how clients feel. All staff, including former clients, undergo extensive instruction before becoming instructors.

Local and National Media.

Have they been featured on TV or in the press?

Partners dog training has appeared many times in Phoenix on Channel 3, Channel 5, Channel 12, Channel 15.

We have been on Good Morning America as well as on Discovery Channel, Tennis Channel and BBC TV.


Interview Questions to ask a prospective trainer.

Are you full-time professional trainers?

Partners response "YES"

How many years have you been training dogs?

Partners response "30 years"

How many client dogs have you trained?

Partners response "About 25,000 "

Partners staff have trained over 25,000 client dogs

How many advanced dogs have you trained (competition dogs, service dogs, detection dogs, canines, etc)

Our staff have trained more than 400 working canines in service dog, law enforcement and military applications.

Where did you learn to train?

Partners response "All instructors complete a 40 hour Instructors Course, and have one year of supervised experience.

Senior Instructors have a minimum of three years, and 500 dogs trained, of experience"

Is the trainer associated with any national organization?

Partners response "We are member of the APDT, ABKA and ASIS"

Is the school licensed?

Partners response "Partners holds Federal licenses with the ATF and the DEA"

(Note: Partners is the only school in Phoenix to hold these licenses.)


Do your online homework


Do they have Web page?


Do they have online videos?

YouTube Partners Dog Training

YouTube Partners Working Dogs


Do they have a Facebook page?

Partners Dog Training School Facebook

Partners Working Dogs Facebook


Can you connect directly to the owner?

Linked In