The AKC (American Kennel Club)
suggests the following questions when choosing a trainer

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Question How long have you been training dogs? Answer Leighton started training dogs in 1977. He turned professional in 1980, and in 1983 joined the Military as a K9 handler. In 1998 he founded Partners Dog Training School in Cave Creek AZ. He has trained over 30,000 dogs to date, and hundreds of instructors and trainers.
Question What kind of classes do you teach? Answer We teach everything from behavior classes, to obedience, protection, agility, dock diving and rally. In fact, no school in Arizona, and only a few in the United States, offer as much as we do.
Question What titles have you earned on your dogs? Answer Leighton has earned numerous French Ring, Dock Dogs, Agility and Obedience Titles. Many of the Partners staff also particpate / have titled in French Ring, Agility, Dock Jumping and Rally.
Leighton is also an AKC approved CGC Evaluator, with the authority to test dogs in AKC Canine Good Citizen.
Question What dog sports do you participate in? Answer Partners instructors participate in competitive Obedience, French Ring, Agility, DockDiving, Rally, PSA and other sports. In addition, Partners Dog School is a Sanctioned Dock Diving facility, and has hosted numerous trials.
Question What is your basic Training Philosophy? Answer Partners is the only professional school of its size to offer positive motivational training to clients. Dogs are rewarded using a combination of food and verbal praise.
Question Do you use Food Reward? Answer Absolutely! We pride ourselves on our system of food reward based training, modelling and conditioning. We train the dogs to repeat good behavior using food, and then replace the food with motivation.
Question Are all sizes of dogs trained together? Answer We offer ten to twenty different group sessions every week, specifically to accomodate different dogs, ages and issues. In addition, clients can work privately with a trainer. Dogs that are attending our Camp program are all trained individually.

Do you know your drop out rate?

Answer In the basic classes, about one in ten people drop out. This is more due to personal schedules, not the level of training. If we encounter a student that is not comfortable in a specific class, we will happily move them to another group or instructor.
Question After beginning classes, do students go on to additional training? Answer We are happy to say that two out of three students graduate from basic classes to higher levels. Some students join our sports programs to keep their dogs motivated, and a few join the competition classes. In 2014, we had many students successfully title their dogs after graduating from our classes.