▶ What is a Personal Companion Dog

Companion Dogs are pet dogs that are trained to be companions to you and your family

All are trained in obedience, manners and social etiquette.

A few are trained in basic protection skills


▶ What is trained

Companion Dogs are trained in whatever the situation and the client need

Most of our Companion Dogs are trained in Basic Personal Protection skills, but this is not a requirement.


▶ What is a Personal Protection Companion Dog

These are Companion Dogs (pets) that are trained to live side by side with their family members, but are also able to provide protection security when needed.

These dogs are highly social, friendly and well behaved dogs.


▶ I just want a good dog

Most of our clients are looking for a good dog, and are not interested in protection training.

We can do whatever you need us to do

We can train most breeds of dogs to be companion dogs

We can also train a rescue (dog from the Humane or similar group) to be a companion dog


▶ I want a highly trained Protection Companion Dog

Most of our staff, and many of our clients, have personal protection companions

We can train a dog to your needs, be they basic or more advanced

And if you are looking for a high drive, sport dog, capable of a lot more, we can do that as well.


▶ How are Companion Dogs chosen

This depends on the needs and goals of the client

We also look at the skill level the handler has, so that we can find a good match

Some of our dogs are obtained locally, and some are purchased overseas and imported into the USA

Our dogs are carefully evaluated to ensure we have the best chance of success in training.

We also look for young, social and fit dogs, for our working dog program.


▶ What do we look for in a suitable candidate




Social skills




Willingness to please




▶ Please contact us if you are interested in a Companion Dog


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