Partners Dog Training Payment POLICY



Multi-dog discounts and Cash discounts are available.

At Partners Dog Training we do our best to keep costs down.
Our rates have barely changed over the past three years.

Please note that they are subject to change.


Cash Discount

In an effort to reduce costs, we offer a 3% discount on any payments made by cash.

This does NOT apply to check or debit card payments.


Returns and Credits

Please note all payments are non-refundable

In some cases, we may be able to offer you a CREDIT towards another service.

If for some reason, we have to refund any charge, we may charge a 10% administration fee.


Returned Check Policy

If your payment fails to clear or is returned by the bank, you will be billed an additional $25.


Reservation Charge

You may be charged a NON REFUNDABLE Reservation Charge of $100 when you reserve a place for your dog to train with us.

This charge covers planning of trainers, preparation of forms and other administrative expenses.

It is credited to your account when you check in - and is not a separate fee.

However, if you fail to show up, or you cancel a reservation, you will still be billed this charge.
This charge is NOT-REFUNDABLE


Failing to attend training

If you enroll in a class, and fail to attend for any reason, there is NO refund or credit

If you cancel a booking, fail to show up or withdraw from a class, there is NO refund or credit

If your dog becomes ill during your class, we will CREDIT your unused classes to another course.


Being on time for an Appointment

Sadly, this is a problem we have to stand firm on.

We make every effort to run our school as professionally and efficiently as possible.

This means your Instructor is scheduled about a week in advance.

Chances are they have another appointment after yours.

Just as you would want us to be on time for you, so we must be for them as well.

If you arrive late, your instructor will make every effort to complete your lesson within the time block you had scheduled.

If this results in a shorter lesson for you, we apologize.

You are still responsible for payment for the FULL lesson.


Cancelling Lessons

We understand schedules and commitments change, but unfortunately we need to try keep our scheduling on track.

This keeps costs down, and saves you money in the long term.

So, if you need to cancel a lesson or appointment, please give us 48 hours (business hours) notice so that the instructor can be rescheduled. Failure to do so will result in your being billed for the FULL amount of the lesson.


Multi Dog Discount

If you train more than one dog AT THE SAME TIME, you will receive 10% off the second dog.

This "multi-dog" discount is to reduce your costs while training multiple dogs, and only applies if you complete the training course.

If you withdraw your dog from training, you will lose the discount, and it will be added back to the amount owing.

The discount must be applied to the lower daily or class rate.

Discounts cannot be combined.

Discounts are applied at the end of the service period.

If you interrupt your training program, you will lose the discount applied, and your daily rate will revert to the standard rates.

Please understand that offering a discount is to save you money, and save us time, which keeps your costs down.