"Out & About" social sessions are about having fun with your companion dog in public. Every week we take our dogs to new places, where they train in and around the public. Sometimes we take them to dinner and dog friendly places, other times we visit a mall. This is a true test of how your dog behaves in public! It is also a great opportunity to show off your training to others. This is the "unofficial" Partners Demo Team, and also includes trainers and instructors.


Please read "Tips on Visiting and Travelling with your Dog"


Prerequisites for joining our Out & About group

Joining our Out & About group is a privilege. The members of the group work hard to be ambassadors for Partners Dog Training School, and for dogs in general. Dogs must be certified and handlers must agree to be respectful and courteous of others.


Please read our prerequisites for joining the Out & About group.



Special places we have been to

The following few places have been extremely welcoming of our "Out & About" Social group. Stop in and visit them, and tell them we sent you. Of course, we would love for you to support them as well. Us "dog people" need to help each other!


Lucy Store (Kierland)

Lucy Store is managed by Kerry. They have been awesome to us, and helped sponsor our dog-food drive to support homeless pets. They have also allowed us to train in their store, and put up with us buggin' them on a weekly basis. 15205 N Kierland Blvd., Scottsdale, AZ (480.948.5285)


Dog Friendly Places we have visited


▶ Lucy Store (Kierland)

Lucy is a great place to visit (See above)


▶ Biltmore Shopping Center

Biltmore Shopping Center in Phoenix is a great place to take your dog. Many of the stores allow dogs, but please maintain good control at all times.

Visit the Biltmore website


▶ Westgate Shopping Center

Westgate over on the West side is a fun and entertaining place to train and hang out with your dog

Read about Westgate


▶ Kierland Commons

Kierland just off Scottsdale Road is the place to be seen in Scottsdale. (With your dog of course)

Read about Kierland Commons


▶ Old Town Scottsdale

Old Town Scottsdale, while famous for its clubs and nightlife, is also a great place to visit with your dogs.

Read about Old Town Scottsdale


▶ Tempe Town Lake

Tempe Town Lake is a great place to take your dog hiking or boating.

Read about Tempe Town Lake


▶ Mill Avenue

We love Mill Avenue. It has some great places to eat, and most are dog friendly.

Read about Mill Avenue



The Phoenix Zoo is an awesome place to go with the family. We love visiting the Phoenix Zoo with our working service dogs. It is an awesome place to see animals in natural habitats. (The Zoo also allows us to work with our dog in those conditions, but under very tight control.)

If you have the opportunity to see Zoo Lights, definitely do it!


The only dogs allowed at the zoo are SERVICE DOGS or SERVICE DOGS IN TRAINING

Per the Zoo: "The only animals allowed to accompany visitors are trained and vaccinated service animals. When a service animal does come to the Zoo, a Park Ranger escorts the guest and their party around grounds to ensure that the animal does not enter areas of the Zoo that our Chief Veterinarian has deemed sensitive to our animal collection or to the service animal."

Read about the Phoenix Zoo


▶ Downtown Phoenix

Downtown Phoenix is the home of the Diamondbacks and Suns. Lots of shops and places to visit. Not everyone is dog friendly so please be respectful.


▶ Scottsdale Quarter

We have had a mixed response to visiting here. Management is NOT happy about dogs, but we have been there on one occasion when we were in the area. We would love to have a better relationship with them, so if anyone knows who to reach, please let us know..... (Remember to keep it positive)


New Suggestions????


Do you have any suggestions on where you would like to visit?

Let us know, and we will contact them and inquire.

We love new things; new places and new people!
(Please note we always try and visit a new location before taking our entire group)


Can we visit your place????


Do you have a place we can visit?

Are you a business owner; and you would like us to visit, or you would let us visit, please email us and let us know. We are ALWAYS looking for NEW and EXCITING dog friendly places to hang out and train at.

Email us


Please read "Tips on Visiting and Travelling with your Dog"