let us train your dog to be happy

Let us bring you together

Let us "bring you together" as Partners

Training is about working together as a "partnership". Training is about education. Learning to understand why animals behave the way they do is key to knowing how to address the issues.


Dogs wear many hats

You expect a lot from your dog. They need to be a companion, friend, confidant, protector and of course, a dog. Having a well established structure within your home is key to creating good patterns, and avoiding inappropriate behavior.


Dogs are born happy, not bad.

Happiness is directly related to the respect we show each other. Most "bad dog" behavior is learned. Your dog will respect you more if they understand your wishes. And you will respect your dog more if they pay attention to you and your family.


Why is TRAINING so important

Training is a form of communication. It teaches your dog what is good and what is unacceptable behavior. Training teaches dogs consequences; what happens if they are disobedient, and what happens when they do something well. Training teaches dogs, and people, that life can be happy!.

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