Is leash training important

▶ You may be surprised to learn that leash training is not that important.

▶ There are many many dogs out there that are extremely highly trained, yet do not work on a leash.

▶ Herding dogs, cattle dogs, hunting dogs, etc.

▶ The difference is that these dogs still have a FOUNDATION of training, that has been taught to them.

▶ This training was done generally by an experienced trainer, often using the dogs natural instincts.

▶ For the rest of us, you will probably need a leash!

▶ Dog training is not complex, just be patient!


How to start leash training a resistant dog

▶ Start by placing a string, rope or line on their collar, and let them trail it around the house.

▶ Once they are comfortable with that, add a lightweight leash, and let them trail that around.

▶ Then try and pick up and carry the leash.

▶ If they walk with you, then you are on your way.

▶ If they resist, drop the leash and walk away.

▶ Give them a day or so, and try again.

▶ Try not to add any emphasis to the leash.

▶ Generally they will eventually become used to it.



▶ There are always exceptions to every problem, and leash training is no different.

▶ Generally its a matter of trial and error.

▶ Evaluate your actions and results, and adapt your approach.