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The Partners Dog Training Team

Sharing a passion for helping others!

Partners is Arizona's premier behavioral dog training facility and is searching for staff with a passion for dogs. We are not just a dog training school; we are educators and leaders, with a desire to teach animal behavior to dog owners that want to learn.


Something about our Staff

Partners Dog Training staff operate as a team. We think its best we give you as much information on how we do things, thus avoiding misunderstandings later.

  • ☐ We are all responsible for the care of client pets.
  • ☐ We share duties, and work together at all times.
  • ☐ We expect all staff behave in the same way as they would with their own pets.

☐ We are people people, as well as dog people, and we expect that of all prospective employees.

☐ We are family owned and run; and staff are our family.

☐ We expect our staff to be motivated, structured, kind and professional at all times.

☐ If this is not your passion; it is not for you.

☐ If you love dogs, want to help others and love what you do, then join our team!


General Responsibilities

While specific positions have specific duties, we should note that all employees may share tasks at any time.

  • ☐ Training or assisting with dogs
  • ☐ Teaching or assisting with classes
  • ☐ Working with or assisting clients
  • ☐ Monitoring food and water consumption
  • ☐ Feeding and watering of all pets
  • ☐ Scooping and disposing of poop
  • ☐ Hosing down and disinfecting indoor kennel area
  • ☐Cleaning water buckets and food dishes
  • ☐ Taking dogs in and out their kennels
  • ☐ Administering medications brought in with pets
  • ☐ Bathing and brushing pets
  • ☐ Occasional marketing or office duties
  • ☐ Promotional events


General Requirements

While specific positions have specific requirements, all employees must comply with the following. Please note that as a result of our work with Law Enforcement and the Federal government, as well as our Federal Licenses, we are required to submit new employee data to the FBI and DEA.

  • ☐ Applicants must consent to and be able to pass an FBI Background Check
  • ☐ Applicants must consent to and pass a Drug Screening test
  • ☐ Applicant must have basic computer skills
  • ☐ Applicants must be able to work around dogs and cats
  • ☐ Applicants must be physically fit and able to spend hours on their feet
  • ☐ Applicants must be able to work outdoors in the heat
  • ☐ Applicants must be able to lift dogs up to fifty pounds, squat and stoop
  • ☐ Applicants must be able to work as part of a team
  • ☐ Applicants must be dependable, punctual and very responsible


School Hours

  • ☐ Partners Dog Training operating hours are from 6:00 AM to 8:00 PM
  • ☐ Staff are expected to be available Monday through Sunday
  • ☐ All staff MUST be available to work Saturday mornings, which is our busiest day
  • ☐ Specific positions have different work hours, but we will try to accommodate staff personal lives


Employment Contract

Please note all all employees are required to sign an "Employment Contract" which includes a NON-COMPETE clause


Prospective Employee Application

If you are interested in applying, you must complete an Employee Application (Click here)

To download a PDF version (Click here)

Submit by fax to 480 595 6885

Please do not call the office for information




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We value your time, as we want you to value ours.

Understanding the process will help speed things up.


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