What is Housebreaking

▶ Lets look at this for a minute.

▶ First, some terminology:

▶ Potty - means going pee or poop

▶ House - means "your" home, office, car, bedroom, etc.

▶ Housebreaking - means training a dog "where" to go potty

▶ Inappropriate Elimination- means your dog is either not housebroken, or just doesn't care!

▶ For sake of simplicity, we will call "Inappropriate Elimination" simply "Potty Problems"


Rules of Housebreaking

When people ask about housebreaking issues, they are basically saying their dog is (a) peeing in the house; or (b) pooping in the house. And by house, I mean "somewhere" it should not pee or poop (lets just say potty)


This is where the Fun Starts

▶ Just because YOU don't want the dog eliminating in your bedroom, doesn't mean the dog thinks it is wrong.

▶ For that matter, just because you don't like it, means nothing to a dog.

▶ Your carpet seems like a perfectly good place to go.

▶ Its not his room, its supper absorbent and he doesn't have to deal with cleaning it up.


So this is the problem

▶ So that is where the problem lies. Most ADULTS, remember we are not talking puppies here, develop Potty Problems from being left inside too long, not being taught where to go, from having a medical condition or just because they don't care!

▶ It is not normal for a dog to potty in its living area, but when you have five living areas in your house, that rule greys out.


Is it possible to Housebreak an Adult Dog

▶ I wish I could just say yes, but the truth is it depends on a few factors:


How old is the Dog

▶ The older the dog, the more difficult it is to change their habits


How Established is the Problem

▶ If your dog, or the rescue you just adopted, has been doing this for months or years, it will take weeks (or months) to change!


Did anything Trigger this Problem

▶ Medical issues, fear based issues, external influences (like thunder, fireworks, road noise, etc) all play a part in this.

If something has triggered a potty behavioral issue, you (or us) will need to determine what that is, and change it.

▶ This is sometimes easier said than done, as dogs don't talk, and cannot lie back on the couch and explain to us what happened.

▶ And yes, if you are wondering, scary, loud movies on TV can trigger negative thought processes.


Breed of Dog

▶ Certain breeds of dogs lend themselves more to problematic housebreaking issues.

▶ Many toy breeds are difficult to train to eliminate appropriately. And once they have learned the wrong thing, it can be extremely difficult to change.

▶ Many of the "small breed" issues are related to breeding, and many to how they are raised by you, the owner.

▶ Toy breeds tend to be "carried" everywhere, kept in containment, and not properly socialized.

▶ This leads to pack issues, dominance and territorial behavior.

▶ These in turn trigger elimination problems.


Doom & Gloom

▶ I know, sounds all bad.

▶ I write this so that you know what you are getting in to.

▶ And of course, so that you understand why you have struggled so far.

▶ Fortunately its not that bad; it just depends.

▶ Chat with us about your specific case, and let us help you.


Success rate

▶ We are successful about 80% of the time with elimination training of adults.

▶ This percentage improves when clients follow the guidelines we recommend.