What's the Secret to Success

The following dog training tips are here to help you have a better relationship with your dog. Partners Dog Training is here for you, so if there is anything you would like help on, contact us on.

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The number one tip to successful training is TIMING. If you have great timing, you will train faster, more efficiently and more consistently than anyone else.

Food Training

Use food based training to establish positive motivated patterns in your dog. Use their daily food (meal) ration to teach them to look to you for leadership, reward and responsibility.

Have fun with your dog Motivation is not just having fun

Motivation is more than "good dog". It is an attitude of motivated behavior. Dogs follow a leader that is fair, positive and motivates them to perform. Motivation teaches what is acceptable and what is not.

Crate training

Crate Training

Crate training is the perfect baby sitter. It is not mean to use a crate; it plays on "denning" behavior in animals. It teaches your dog to appreciate the time you spend with them; it gives them a time to be calm and quiet.

Leighton teaching a seminar

Send your dog to school

Attend seminars, classes and training. Yes, I know, this is obvious! But the reality is that dog training is like going to school. Learning can be fun if applied in a positive and creative way.

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Creating a solid foundation for your dog will teach them what is expected of them. Start wit a basic set of rules, and add to that. Classes are a great way to establish consistent foundations, as you are working with a group.

Training dogs to work under distraction

Real World Training

Practice with your dog in real world settings. Use distractions to test your dog. While you may not have goats, you can practice at the front door, in the street, at the park and whereever you like to spend time with your dog.

Baby steps in training

Baby Steps

Train in Baby Steps! Take things slowly. You achieve better results through building on positive behaviors, than you will be allowing things to crash and burn.


Teach focus and structure. Don't permit them to act inappropriately. Establish patterns for going potty, working for food, walking on leash, playing with other pets, spending time with the kids, etc.

Look ahead in your training

Successul landings start with realistic expectations

Rome wasn't built in a day! It takes time to achieve great results, and you need to be realistic in what you expect. Think of training your dog as being teaching a small child. They are willing to learn, if you are willing to teach.