Partners Dog Training School

Partners Dog Training School are specialists in working with fearful and insecure dogs.


Causes of Fearful Behavior

There are two main causes of fearful behavior in dogs.



The first is genetic, or imprinted, fear.

This normally results from poor breeding, and is almost impossible to change.

There are however a number of things that can be done to surpress this behavior, such as building confidence through education, motivational response based conditioning, socialization and of course showing the dog a better life.


Learned Behavior

The second reason is learned behavior.

Often this is the result of an abusive home, but NOT always.

It could also be as a result of another dominant dog in the home, environmental conditions, or abandonment issues.



Many of the dogs that come to us come from rescues and abandoned homes. These dogs often display severe signs of abuse which of course leads to fearful behavior. We have worked with many of these dogs on behalf of the rescues, in most cases helling them find persmanent homes.



In view of the fact that inappropriate breeding is the leading cause of insecurity or fearfullness in dogs, lets look at this in more detail.

First, at Partners Dog Training we have found that most of the fearful dogs are the breeds that have been overbred.
Breeeders and puppy mils intentionally breed dogs that have little or no courage, as courage makes it harder for people to control their pets. Dogs with high courage drive are more intense, confident and in some cases, aloof.

These dogs are often returned to breeders (or stores) with the result that breeders lose money on them.

So they selectively breed dogs that have a LOW courage level.

Unfortunately this leads to insecurity, with results in fearful dogs.