Swimming builds partnerships

Partners Dog Training is especially proud of our swimming training program. This program is based on the system used by animal trainers when working with animals in their habitats. We use positve motivational training to teach dogs to be comfortable in the water.


Do you have a pool

Every year dogs drown in pools or Jacuzzis. If you have a pool; or if your dog is around water, learning to swim is a must. Not all dogs can swim, and most small dogs have no clue at all. Training your dog to swim and find the steps, is vital to ensure their safety.


Safety in Training

We focus on safety at all times, and dogs are giving life preservers to help them float, until they have learned how to keep themselves afloat.


Developing trust!

Swim training is not just about swimming. It is also about developing a relationship based on trust. It teaches confidence which in turn makes dogs happier. Trainers swim with the dogs, for safety and to create that special bond.


Loving life

Swimming is also not just about education and confidence building. It is also about loving life; living it to its' fullest! Dogs love water, and will love this program! Even dogs that don't initially enjoy it, learn to have fun in a short time.


Burning energy

Day care is about giving your dog something to do. Some dogs like to run, some like to play. We can also do a little training and socialization under the strict supervision of experienced trainers. Either way, just "bring them".


Teaching focus

Swimming is a high-drive activity, and training your dog around pools will improve both their focus as well as their control and obedience. Using toys, floating balls and other objects allows us to train our dogs to concentrate in a highly distracted environment.


Teaches Reward

Swimming is a highly rewarding activity for your dog. We use it to build our dogs training, and motivate them to perform better and more consistently. We encourage you to join our swimming program, and let your dog learn how to have fun!