Dogs that Love Life stay with Us


But! We are not a boarding kennel

Boarding kennels keep dogs in the same kennel, day and night, for the entire duration they are boarding with them.

(in rare cases, owners pay extra to have their dogs "walked".)

This results in stress and boredom issues, often resulting in weight loss and other issues.


Holiday Camp

What we have at Partners Dog Training School is Holiday Camp.

This is like dog boarding in a fun filled, vacation resort.


What makes Partners Holiday Camp different

Los of things:

Daily training session with an experienced trainer

Hours of outside exercise time (depends on the weather, but between two to six hours)

Social playtime in a controlled environment

Crate training when needed

Personal feeding time

Hands on attention numerous times a day


Sounds expensive

Not at all, in fact we charge the same as many of the pet resorts do, but without all the add on fees.


Are dogs kept in kennels

Yes, but only at night. During the day, all our dogs are either outiside playing, training with the training staff, or in playgroups with other dogs. Obviously, depending on your dog, playgroup may not be with a large group of dogs.


What training is done

Simple basic leash training, socialization and manners.

This is not a formal training curriculem, for that you need to check your dog in for Training Camp.

Holiday Camp is about having a good time at the school, learning a little, and hopefully going home exhausted from playing.

Thats why its called a "holiday". (You could also call it a vacation if you like)


Goals of Holiday Camp

Give your dog something to do which reduces their boredom, gives them some exercise and relieves the stress.

Most dogs stress out in a boarding kennel setting. We go out of our way to give them a task to keep them busy.


Restrictions for Holiday Camp

This is still a school, so we do require that dogs be able to be handled by staff, and not act aggressively towards others.

If your dog has some behavioral issues, we are happy to help, but they cannot be addressed during Holdiay Camp.

We also require dogs check in by 3PM on the day they come to Partners Dog Training School.

And we do have a THREE NIGHT MINIMUM for all Holiday Camp dogs.

By the way, if you do NOT want your dog trained during their stay, thats no problem.


Sign up for Holiday Camp

Looking to board your pooch with us?

Signing up for Partners Dog Training School Holiday Camp is as easy as calling to make a reservation.