What is a Behavior Consultation

Behavior Consultations are generally recommended for situations where an in-depth symptom evaluation is needed.

It is our philosophy at Partners Dog Training school to do our homework, so that we can offer you solutions based on YOUR needs. Part of this homework is knowning the facts of your case, and that is what our Behavior Consultations are design to do.


Aggression Behavior Consultations

If your dog has been involved in an injury related incident, you must disclose this to us in your session.

Failure to disclose this could result in an injury to staff, and you WILL BE HELD RESPONSIBLE for all damages.


What is involved

▶ We would like to meet with all family members, especially the decision makers.

▶ Normally this would also include your dog, but only safety permitting.


Who conducts the Evaluation

▶ This depends on the circumstances.

▶ Generally one of our Senior Instructors conducts the initial evaluation, unless their are legal implications.

▶ In which case either the Training Director or the Head Instructor must sign off on the evaluation.


What breeds, ages and issues do we train

▶ Partners Dog Training School does not discriminate against any breed of dog; mixed breed or purebreed.

▶ German Shepherd Dogs, Rottweilers, Pitbulls, Siberian Huskies - no dog is too big.

▶ Partners Dog Training also trains dogs of all ages.

▶ And Partners will also work on all types of behavior problems or issues:

▶ Digging, Biting, Barking, Aggression, Jumping up, etc.


Please note that only more serious issues require a Behavior Consultation.

▶ If you are having a minor behavior issue, just call us to make an appointment to come in for training.


What to bring

▶ Bring with any notes you may have made of what has happened, and what has led to this,

▶ Also, if you have any video of any incidents, that is of great benefit to us.

▶ And, as mentioned above, we will need to see your dog, as long as it is safe to bring him or her.

▶ Remember, we must do all Behavior Consultations at our school, and not at your home.

▶ The reason for this is that dogs are often highly territorial, and thus confrontational, in their home setting.

▶ Finally, relax and don't stress out over this.


This is your Evaluation

▶ Remember we are here to help you. This is your consultation.

▶ Therefore please be as honest and as open as you can be, so that we have all the relevant facts,

▶ Partners Dog Training School has done Behavioral work for years

▶ There is an excellent chance we can find answers for you.