by Leighton Oosthuisen


March 2012

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▶ Snake avoidance training for dogs (snakeproofing)

✔ Bring your dog to Partners and let us snake proof them for you.


▶ Behavioral problems

✔ We are the top behavioral training school in the Southwest
Aggression, insecurity, housebreaking? Let our highly experienced staff help you find solutions to your
dog’s behavioral issues. We have more than 30 years in helping owners helping their dogs.


▶ Boarding

✔ Going away? Board your dog with us in a fun and educational setting.
Our boarding program, called Holiday Camp, gives your dog an education in a fun and playful setting
while you are away. This is not just boarding. Dogs have hours of playtime, training sessions, socialization
and exercise. Partners also caters to special needs dogs; or dogs that cannot be boarded due to behavior
problems. Next time you plan a vacation, plan to send your dog to Holiday Camp!


▶ Day-care

✔ Let your dog socialize and play with others while you are at work
Drop your dog off with Partners for the day. Dogs receive hours of closely monitored playtime, socialization
and exercise. You can also arrange for your dog to brush up on its training while at Day-care.


▶ Obedience Classes

✔ Bring your dog to school and learn how to understand and work with them.
Obedience training establishes positive patterns. It teaches dogs what is expected of them. It teaches
owners how to understand and improve. We don’t just teach your dog; we teach you.
Partners Dog Training School offers multiple group classes a week; in basic and advanced obedience.


▶ Dog Agility Classes

✔ Looking to have fun with your dog?
We offer dog agility classes for all ages and personalities of dogs. Agility is fun, educational and great
exercise for your dog. Almost any dog can participate in agility, and you are not required to go through
obedience training. (No aggressive dogs in agility) Partners has two full-time courses for students to practice
on, so if you are looking for an activity for you and your dog, then agility is for you.


▶ Personal Protection Training

✔ Will your dog protect you?
Partners Dog Training specializes in personal protection for companion dogs. Whether you are wanting to
teach your dog the simple basics of protection; or you are wanting to teach them more advanced drills, we
can help. Protection training is great for building confidence; and for teaching your dog how to protect the
family. It is open to all breeds, but dogs must pass a protection evaluation first.


▶ Looking for a new dog? Let us help

✔ Looking to adopt a rescue? Want a new puppy? Looking for a personal protection dog?
Let our staff help you find the right dog for your family.
Adopt from our rescue program, after we have taught them to behave and fit into the home environment.
Let us help you find a puppy for your family, based on proper breeding and selection criteria.
Looking for a trained dog - we can help! We have young adults ready for sale, trained to your needs