by Leighton Oosthuisen


March 2012

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▶ What Is Snake Proofing?

✔ Snake proofing or breaking is the process that teaches dogs to avoid coming into contact with Rattlesnakes.


▶ Why should I snake proof my dog?

✔ Dogs are by nature curious and prey driven.
✔ Training a dog to avoid snakes reduces the risk of being bitten.


▶ What type of snakes are used?S

✔ We use Western Diamondback rattlesnakes for snake proofing.


▶ How successful is snake proofing?

✔ Very successful! Training is successful with about 95% of dogs.


▶ When are classes held?

✔ We hold classes on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays.


▶ Do you offer Private Snake proofing sessions?

✔ Yes we do. Train your dog at your convenience or to your requirements.


▶ How does it work?

✔ We use a unique three-step process, which associates the smell and sound of a snake with a negative stimulus.


▶ How severe are snake bites?

✔ Snake bites can be fatal and cost up to $3,000 to treat, depending on bite location, age of snake and amount of venom injected.


▶ Must my dog be obedience trained?

✔ We do not require prior obedience training. However, it is highly recommended your dog be able to walk on a leash.


▶ Can I train my dog by spraying them with water, using a clicker or yelling “no”?

✔ The success of snake proofing is based on “aversion training”, which means you are conditioning the dog to associate a smell
and sound with a negative. If you used water or your voice, they would later associate a bath or your voice with a negative.


▶ At what age can my dog be proofed?

✔ Most healthy dogs from 5 months to 10 years can be trained. Mention ANY medical issues to us when you check your dog in.


▶ Can any breed be snake proofed?

✔ Yes, but certain hybrids exhibit strong hunt drive causing problems. We have successfully trained horses, cats and wolves.


▶ Snakes scare me. Do I have to get near a snake?

✔ All you have to do is bring your dog to us, and we will do everything for you. You can even leave your dog for training.


▶ Is snake proofing guaranteed?

✔ We test each and every dog trained at our school at least once, to ensure that the correct association was done.

✔ However, there is NO GUARANTEE a dog will never get bitten, as there are still occasions where their senses let them down.


▶ Does snake proofing last forever?

✔ We recommend annual RENEWALS, although studies by us over the past ten years show 75% of dogs recalled training.


▶ Can I combine obedience training and snake proofing at the same time?

✔ You are welcome to obedience and snake proof at the same time, but we advise against doing it on the same day.


▶ I trained my dog somewhere else.

✔ If you have already snake proofed your dog somewhere else, this is a good chance it was done differently. We have tested other
systems and believe ours is the best. We can retrain your dog to our system.


▶ I live outside of Arizona. Can I send my dog to you?

✔ Yes, although we suggest combining snake proofing with some other training.


▶ Do you offer discounts for groups?

✔ Group discounts and clinics are available. Minimum 15 dogs for group discount.
We also offer discounts to 401 (c) iii dog rescues, Handicap Assistance Dogs, Law Enforcement and Search & Rescue dogs.


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