We understand!

We at Partners Dog Training School completely understand your concern about kennelling your dog, so don't feel bad.

Let us offer a few suggestions that will hopefully put your mind at rest.


Care of our guests

The number one fear people have is that their dogs will not be cared for while in the kennels. Or worse, that they will be abused.

We have gone to great lengths to show this is NOT a concern at Partners Dog Training School.

Kennels are cleaned and bleached on a daily basis.

Fresh water is given, and monitored, twice a day.

Feeding is highly structured, documented and in many cases, fed by hand as part of training.

We feed a high quality food from Natural Balance

Dogs are weighed at check in, and monitored during their stay

We always have multiple staff on duty to improve safety and supervision.

Management conducts regular daily visits, evening visits and weekend visits.

All training is monitored and recorded by video cameras.

These measures are not because we don't trust our staff, they are to ensure a safe, transparent and relaxed workplace.

They are to ensure that our guests receive the best possible training, attention and care.


Why we do what we do

We work with dogs because we love dogs. This is not a career choice with financial benefits!

We do this because of our passion for dogs.

We treat all the dogs in our care as if they were our own personal pets.

In fact, many of us keep our personal dogs in the kennels as well.


Staff to Guest Ratio

Of all the boarding kennels in town, we have the BEST ratio of staff to dog.


Take a tour of the kennels

We have clients take personal tours of our facilities on a daily basis. Tours are done by the office staff, so we would request you call for a time. If you want to come "unannounced", that's also okay, as long as you understand you may have to wait a few minutes.


Work with a Trainer personally

If you want to get to know us first before taking advantage of training camp, then feel free to schedule a few private lessons with an instructor. This way you can see how we train, what we do and how we do it. In certain cases, you can also train with your instructor in the same class as the dogs that are here for camp.


Observe our classes and training

Come and observe our classes for yourself.

We are an open facility, and welcome the public coming and visiting with us.

In fact, not a day doesn't pass without people stopping on the side of the road, and watching our training classes.

Many of the classes are in the evening, so if you are busy during the day, come check us out at night.

(Please note no kennel tours after hours, as we do not disturb the dogs in the kennels in the evening)


Schools that "cram" dogs

One of the most damaging aspects of the resident (in kennel) industry is "cramming".

What happens is a dog is checked in for a period of say three weeks. The trainer does no training, and then just before the dog goes home, he "crams" the dog, in many cases by force training.

In our opinion, apart from the fact it is cruel and inhumane to the poor dog, it is also fraudulent and unethical, and brings disrepute to the industry. The training does not work, as there was no foundation and repetition.

If you are interested, the way to check out a school for this is to visit the school once a week, or monitor their daily training sessions by training with a private trainer during work hours.

Clearly this is something that NEVER happens at Partners!!!


Daily Training Sessions - Rain or Shine

At Partners Dog Training School, we train the Resident Camp dogs EVERY DAY!

Monday to Sunday, rain or shine!

Training staff (yes, the actual trainers) take turns working on Sundays and Public Holidays.

All training sessions are documented by the trainer, and signed off by a supervisor.

Sessions often replicate classes, and include socialization and play groups.

We also schedule weekly demonstrations for clients to see their dogs progress.

It also gives you a chance to meet with the trainers that are working with your dog, and ask questions.


Video Surveillance

There are a total of six cameras that cover the kennels, training area, office and crate areas. These record daily sessions, and are monitored from the Training Director's office.

(In 2012 we plan to extend this to 16 cameras, and a web based system)


Veterinary Checkups

Our resident vet does regular visits to the facility, many unannounced.

Many of the vets we work with are clients of ours, and train at our facility.

The dog rescues we train for are at our facility on a DAILY basis, often involved in training with us in the kennels.


About the Kennels

Our kennel building was custom built in 2007 for the care of our guests.

The kennels, offices and training areas are independently air-conditioned and heated

The structure was constructed of fire-resistant materials.

The structure is a highly efficient green building, the ONLY kennel in Arizona to be green.

Walls are a high-tech ICF component system of concrete, steel and foam.

The walls are 12 inches thick, and covered with a heat-resistant surface

The roof is concrete tile to minimize fire risk.

We have a 24-hour monitored alarm system, also connected to the owners residence on property.

Partners Dog Training is located on a ten acre facility in Cave Creek, Arizona.


Wow, this is a long discussion!

Yes, it is, but it is a very important one, as it concerns your dog and your level of confidence in us.

If you visit our school, you may see hundreds of people in classes, agility or obedience.

But it's Resident Camp that achieves the best results for your dog and you.

In many cases, Camp is the ONLY alternative left to people with challenging dogs.

Our philosophy is that ALL dogs deserve a chance at life, even the "lost" ones.

And Camp gives them that.

Partners Dog Training school is known to be the best at finding answers fo you.

We can teach them manners in a safe, structured and disciplined environment.

We can teach you how to transition your dog back to you.

And we can save dogs lives!


Isn't that after all what we are here to do; serve others!